Neymar x Jordan Nike HypervenomX Proximo Unboxing and Review

I’m going to do an unboxing  and review of the new Nike hypervenom X  próximo Neymar and Jordan collaboration  alright so now let’s take a look at the  Box first so on top you have the Jordan  logo on top of no more logo and in front  of the Nike swoosh logo and on the side  we have the Neymar I’m Jordan  collaboration logo and also we have the  labels this retails for $175 so it’s  more expensive than the regular  hypervenom X on the back we have the  Jumpman logo the Jordan logo and on on  the other side you have the Nike  football logo  alright now let’s take a look at the  inside of the box okay we have the  another new more in Jordan collaboration  logo there in red very nice and also we  got the an additional string back in  grey with black speckles Neymar Neymar  logo and on top of that is Jordan logo,cheap jordans for sale,  government and on the back we have the  name our Jordan collaboration logo again  very nice touch now let’s take a look at  the  cheers themselves all right now let’s  take a look there take a closer look at  the shoes themselves now tech-wise there  is no not much different between this  and the regular hypervenom X proximal .

I’m going to  talk mostly about the design of the  shoes so this idea hypervenom Xbox  ammonia Martin Jordan is a combination  between hypervenom nike hypervenom and  the air the jordan air jordan v the the  basketball shoes so so this is the  result of the of those combinations and  we have the river  thank you reflective swoosh logo here  and then we have the 23 Jordans Michael  Jordan’s a number we have hypervenom X  logo there and the heel we have the jump  and Jordan logo and then we have Nike  skin  also with the soul .

we have the jump man  again and read very nice  and we have the 90s which the Nike  swoosh logo and the backside in the back  part of the soul and we also have these  also got this very nice accessory ,cheap jordan 11,I  don’t know what the what to call this  but it’s really nice now let’s take a  look at the other pair they’re all the  same thing and if you have newmars of  Brazil number 10 so not 11 has what he  wore in Barcelona and here we have  another jump man although I think it  will be it will be better if the other  pair will be named our slogan but so I  guess the only the only name are starch  is just is 10 there’s nothing else  because on the so we have another jump  man so yeah but it’s still it’s still a  great looking anyway  there you go now let’s take a look at  the inside part of the shoes some people  ,cheap jordan shoes, I i saw they got the the lace lock  like the one you get in the Jordans  basketball shoes also we have the here’s  really nice touch I didn’t see that  before  Brazilian flag and number 10 really nice  and then on both on both laces let me  see by the other side alright so same  thing on the other side another pair  there