Jordan 31 Why Not (30.5) vs Jordan 31!

heyyo autumn stuff family here the party  soul brothers how you guys doing we’re  gonna do a quick versus video the same  shoe but is it the same shoes it’s  technically like the same shoes they’re  both 31 at different colorways alright  but now let’s how different these shoes  are this is the air jordan 31 low this  is the air jordan 31 why not yes big  difference though david ii prints and  it’s they’re basically whole different  whole different shoes yes um  but we’re talking about the high as well  we just lump women’s and yeah right okay  starting off with the traction that is  impel for the 31 it cannot win against  any shoe ever made attraction is  horrendous destruction is good.

I mean  Danny was having a little slipping at  times yes right yes but yeah it’s just a  easy win for the for the Weihnachtsmann  okay moving on to cushion this is a  little bit different here we have a  full-length zoom set up in the 31 that’s  real nice you still get a bunch of cord  feel and good impact protection good  responsiveness and then over here we got  going to zoom in to what the forefoot  ,cheap jordans online,yes unlock zoom and I find something way  better way nicer unlock zooming to  gimmick Yeah right uh yeah kind of  and okay moving on to the upper same the  same opera same opera guys and sit I  feel like a love update a little bit  snugger,cheap jordan shoes, so I don’t know why but it does  are the highs are true to size and these  are true to size too so lock down  everything is amazing with QVC pillow  support is good ankle support is good  everything the only thing that’s  different is the bottom you know the  traction and the  cushion cushion of course yeah um so and  the way and probably maybe the feel a  little bit right yeah because the shape  of the of the the cushion and the  midsole is gonna you know have the whole  .

shoe be shaped a little different yeah  and you can see here you know yeah so I  guess it comes down to which one you  prefer  yes I prefer the full-length zoom setups  of course for cushioning retraction the  31 suck it’s just a deal-breaker I mean  I mean if you’re playing on a super  duper clean court then you should be  okay  it’s still a shitty traction yeah but  you should be okay you won’t die or  anything like if you’re playing on a  slightly dusty or dusty court then  you’re going to die in your will does so  I’ll just watch out for that after you  so it should be very bottle while you’re  playing in two hundred Allah Jordan $205  Jordans anyway outdoors you know what  they’re both good so what do we what are  we saying uh thirty point five why not  even though I don’t really like playing  antenna .

if it’s the thirty-one traction  one student  oh my god be so good there’s ethically,cheap jordan 11, I  think these look way better to the app  yeah thirty more especially this low  especially this colorway it’s a great  shoe it’s a bummer about the traction uh  we’ve said it a million times yes I will  say one thing though is if I’m playing  on a clean quarter if you’re playing on  super clean court I’d go with the thirty  ones because I don’t want Miami’s but in  every other situation  besides outdoor I would go with the  thirty point five all right just a quick  video print versus video for you guys  hopefully help you guys out so brothers  case they’re tattooing an excellent  later case