Amongst the top 2020 sneakers release, we’ve seen mentioned the Air Jordan 6 Defining Moments Pack. And if you are a sneakers enthusiast, you most likely found and purchased a pair of cheap Jordans for sale from the 6 series back in the day. But did you know that the Air Jordan 6 series has quite a history behind? Well, it was created as a special demand from Michael Jordan, and it ended up being more than a functional shoe. The original design was rather stylish, and new releases within the series proved to be the same. So, let’s see up next how Ait Jordan 6 series evolved in time. 


How Air Jordan 6 came to light

Shortly before Michael Jordan won his first NBA title, he had a special request concerning his NBA Finals shoes. He specifically asked for a pair of shoes with a clean toe, as he thought this would help him achieve more speed and flexibility on the court. As a result, Tinker Hatfield created the Air Jordan 6 with a reinforcement inserted around the toe. This made the Air Jordan 6 the first shoes in the basketball world with such a design. And to make things easier for Jordan, cheap jordans online,Hatfield included in the design two holes on top of the tongue, and one loop on the back. The result was that Michael Jordan felt like these were the first shoes that fit his feet perfectly.

Besides the improvement for putting on the shoes quickly (when compared with previous models), the new Air Jordan 6 came with a clear rubber sole. This was an addition inspired by several customers that said kids were stumbling around due to the dust on the court, which made the sole slippery. Thus, the 6 series dealt with this issue, too.

And what made these shoes unique was another request from jordan shoes, He felt like the heel tab from previous Nike shoes hit his Achilles tendon, which bothered a lot while playing the game. As a result, the new design for the Jordan 6 was unique and came with a molded structure on the back. So, we can say for sure this was the first Air Jordan model that reinvented how basketball shoes were perceived. 


2019s Air Jordan 6 Infrared

In 2019, we saw a version of the Infrared shoes in which the Nike Air heel logo made a comeback. Besides, the Air Jordan 6 Infrared from 2019 had a lot of reflective heel details and nubuck similar to the original 6 series. Overall, many sneakers fans admired and purchased these Jordans, as they stood out due to the rather stylish approach that included a lot of details from the original design.


What to expect from the Air Jordan 6 2020 releases?

Many people expect the new Air Jordan 6 Defining Moments Pack to be released in 2020. These were ranked as the most exciting sneaker releases for the year, as the kicks stay true to the original 2006 release. With a lot of black coloring and a nicely included golden touch, we can say for sure these will turn out to be a premium Air Jordan 6 shoe.